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Their Last Choice

Below are some of the women and girls for whom the decision to submit to an abortion was the last choice they ever made.

The deaths listed on this page are from legal abortions, dated from the earliest to the most recent. The list is by no means complete; I am adding to it from my files frequently, and will eventually have added so many cases that they will not be able to load effectively on one page. I will then sort them and put them on separate pages. I am open to suggestions about how best to sort them. Possibilities include by age, by date, by state, or by type of abortion. Please post your ideas in the Forum.

Real names are used to avoid confusion.

Eighteen year old Michelle Madden, a coed, sought an abortion from O.B. Evans at Family Planning Medical Center of Moblie, Alabama in November of 1986. Michelle was taking medication for epilepsy, and a doctor had told her that her baby would have birth defects. When Michelle's parents arrived at the college to take her home for Thanksgiving, the house mother had sad news for them. Three days after the abortion, Michelle had collapsed. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors found a leg bone, two pieces of skull, and some placenta still in Michelle's uterus. The surgery to save her life was too late. Sepsis had already set in, and Michelle died three days after she was admitted. Her parents sued Evans and the facility, and in 1991 a jury awarded them $10 million in damages. (Sources: Mobile Press Register 6/6/91, 6/16/91)

Angela Hall, a 27-year-old mother of five, called to arrange an abortion at Thomas Tucker's office in Alabama. One of Tucker's employees, Joy Davis, screened Angela and felt that she had risk factors that made abortion in an office setting unsafe. She got on the phone with Tucker and indicated that she felt that Angela should be referred to a hsopital. Tucker told Davis that "we need the money" and ordered her to prep Angela, who was in the second trimester of pregnancy. Angela underwent the abortion on June 11, 1991, and started having difficulty breathing. Her blood pressure fell, setting off an alarm on a piece of monitoring equipment. Tucker told Davis to turn the alarm off because other patients could hear it. Angela was sent to a recovery room where she bled so heavily that Davis became alarmed and called an ambulance. Tucker swore at Davis when he learned of this, and he had her cancel the ambulance because they'd already sent a patient to the hospital that day. Angela continued to hemorrhage, and Davis continued to plead with Tucker to take action. Finally Tucker cursed at Davis, telling her to call the ambulance, and he left the building, leaving the untrained woman to cope alone with the critically injured patient. Angela was taken to the hospital, where she suffered respiratory failure, clotting, and sepsis. She died just before midnight June 14. The autopsy found numerous tears and lesions in the pelvic area, and congestive necrosis in Angela's liver and spleen. The doctors concluded that amniotic fluid embolism had caused clotting problems resulting in necrosis, septic shock, and cardiac arrest. When Alabama authorities subpoenaed Angela's records, Tucker ordered Davis to destroy some and falsify others. Davis tore up the records, but then taped them back together and provided the authorities with photocopies. It is interesting to note that in the publicity surrounding the lawsuit filed by Angela's family, Ron Fitzsimmons of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, among other prochoice groups, rushed to Tucker's defense on the grounds that he was Alabama's only abortionist, and that even he was better than no abortionist at all. (Sources: Jefferson County Circuit Court Case No. CV93-00632)

DaNette Adelle Pergusson, a 19-year-old medical assistant, submitted to an abortion on February 11, 1992, at the hands of Robert Tarnis of Phoenix, Arizona. During the abortion, DaNette stopped breathing, and paramedics were summoned. The Maricopa County deputy medical examiner determined that DaNette died from a pulmonary embolism. (Arizona Republic 4/20/92)

Sara Franki Lint, a 22-year-old coed, submitted to an abortion at San Vicente Hospital in Los Angeles, California, on August 11, 1970. Adolpho Zlotolow, who operated San Vicente (an abortion facility) said that Sara went into ventricular fibrillation soon after the abortion was initiated by either Albert Kapstrom or Milton Gotlib. The technique, hysterotomy, was one with a known high maternal mortality rate. San Vicente staff treated Sara for an hour before transferring her to Midway Hospital down the street, where she died at 4:57am on August 12. The autopsy found yellow fluid in Sara's heart, frothy tan fluid in her lungs, and a seven-inch male fetus in Sara's uterus. (Sources: LA County Coroner Report Case No. 70-8468; LA County Superior Court Case No. C857)

Denise Holmes, a 24-year-old Australian woman living in Texas, decided to undergo an abortion at Avalon Hospital in Los Angeles, California, on her way home for Christmas of 1970. Denise checked into Avalon Hospital (an abortion facility) on December 21. Denise suffered an amniotic fluid embolism that carried pieces of fetal bone marrow into her lungs. He was pronounced dead by Edward Allred at Avalon at 5pm. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 70-13367)

Eighteen-year-old Janet Foster underwent an abortion at the hands of Richard neal at Valley Doctors' Hospital in North Hollywood, California on September 11, 1971. She suffered abdominal pain after returning home, and called Neal on September 14. He told her he'd see her the next day. Just after midnight, Janet went into convulsions. Her brother-in-law and paramedics attempted to revive her, to no avail; Janet was pronounced dead at 3:55 am. The autopsy found a six inch disemboweled and partially decaptiated fetus in Janet's uterus, along with a large amount of pus. Janet died of septicemia. An LA County grand jury indicted Neal on a felony manlsaughter charge in Janet's death. The 1976 trial ended with a hung jury. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 71-9846 and LA County Superior Court Case No A310874)

Cassandra K. Bleavins, a 20-year-old clerk, underwent an abortion at John Wesley Hospital in Los Angeles, California on September 12, 1971. Cassandra returned on September 15 to report heavy bleeding. They did a D&C and sent her home. She returned on the 17th, and this time doctors sututed Cassandra's lacerated cervix and uterine artery. During treatment, Cassandra went into convulsions then lapsed into a coma. The next day, she was transferred to LA County-USC Medical Center, where she died September 19. The coroner found additional hemorrhaging in Cassandra's uterus that had caused her to bleed to death. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 71-10001 and LA County Superior Court Case No. C24787)

33-year-old Margaret Davis underwent an abortion at the hands of Christopher Dotson at Windsor Hills Hospital in Los Angeles, California, July 15, 1972. Dotson reported that margaret had breathing and heart problems after the abortion and that they couldn't revive her. She was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm. The autopsy showed that Margaret died of acute sickle cell crisis brought on my the abortion. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 72-7646 and LA County Superior Court Case No. C53501

Katherine Morse, age 20, traveled from Texas to Bel Air Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles California. On September 1, 1972, John Dupont injected saline into Katherine's uterus. Katherine ran a 102 degree fever and expelled the dead fetus just after midnight September 3. Katherine's blood pressure went up and she went into shock and died at 9:40 am. The autopsy found infection in Katherine's uterus and gangrene of the ovary. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 72-9587)

Natalie Meyers, age 16, underwent an aborion October 25, 1972, at the hands of Milton Gotlib at San Vicente Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. The saline was injected Octover 21, and the next day Natalie delivered the dead baby but not the placenta. She suffered abdominal pain and difficulty breathing, so she was transferred to County-USC Medical Center just before midnight on October 22, where she was found to be in shock upon arrival. She was treated for sepsis, and on October 26 a hysterectomy was performed. Natalie died 5 pm on October 27. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 72-11445 and LA County Superior Court Case No. C55777)

Seventeen year old Kathy Denise Murphy submitted to an abortion at Inglewood Women's Hospital in Los Angeles County, California on August 29, 1973. She suffered breathing problems for the next few days, then became semi-comatose and was admitted to Centinela Hospital on September 7. Centinela sent Kathy back to Inglewood that night, where she died at 1:20 AM on September 8. Abortionist John Dupont attributed the death to pulmonary edema, but the autopsy report showed that Kathy died of sepsis. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 73-14675 and LA County Superior Court Case No. SWC26793)

Cheryl Tubbs, age 29, was injected with saline for an abortion on August 6, 1975, at Pacific Glen Hospital in Los Angeles County, California. Cheryl bled vaginally, and was transferred the next day to White Hospital. There she suffered two cardiac arrests and her blood pressure fell so low it couldn't be measured. Cheryl was prounced dead at 2:30 AM on August 8. The autopsy showed that Cheryl had hemorrhaged internally after her uterus ruptured during the abortion. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 75-9493)

Mitsue Mohar, age 31, submitted to a D&C abortion at Pacoloma Lutheran Hospital in Los Angeles County, California, under general anesthesia, on August 5, 1975. Shortly after Dr. Baca compleed the abortion, Mistus went into convulsions and a coma, and remained at Pacolma Lutheran for 16 days before she was transferred to LA County USC Medical Center, where she stayed until her death on September 10. Mitsue never regained consciousness. The autopsy found that Mitsue died of acute confluent pneumonia and hypoxic encephalopathy brought on by the cardiac arrest. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 75-10935)

Twenty-two year old Lynette Wallace underwent an abortion at Inglewood Women's Hospital in Los Angeles County, California, on September 13, 1975. On the morning of September 27, Lynette went to the emergency room reporting abdominal pains. She became agitated and hospital staff put her in restraints. She died at 10:53 AM on September 27. The autopsy found that Lynette's pregnancy had been ectopic, which the doctor who performed her abortion had failed to note. Her fallopian tube ruptured and Lynette bled to death. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 75-11665 and LA County Superior Court Case No. SWC34625)

Maria Gomez, age 29, underwent a suction abortion at Atlantic Family Medical Clinic of Compton, California, on May 4, 1976. Maria hemorrhaged and died at the facility. Atlantic staffer John Blodgett reported to coroner's investigators that Maria had died because a previous cervical cut had opened during the abortion. But the autopsy found that not only had Maria's cervix been lacerated, the lining had been removed from her uterus, a 2.5-inch gaxh had punctured her uterus through the broad ligament to the peritoneal cavity and three places, and that the abortionist had left the severed head and other portions of her four to five month fetus in Maria's uterus. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 76-5654)

Jackie Bailey, age 29, sumbitted to a saline abortion by Bahatunde Eboreime at Pacific Glen Hospital in Glendale, California, on December 2, 1977. Jackie expelled the dead fetus, and was moribund herself five hours later. Jackie was transferred to Memorial Hospital of Glendale just after Midnight on December 3. Doctors there performed an emergency hysterectomy to remove Jackie's ruptured uterus, in vain. Jackie's death was ruled a homicide due to gross negligence in treating her. (Sources, LA County Coroner Case No. 77-14563, Jackie's death certificate, and LA County Superior Court Case No. C263987)

Seventeen year old Jennifer Suddeth underwent an abortion by Frank Robinson on June 30, 1982. Her common-law husband, John Fredzess, noticed that she had bled heavily in the vehicle on the way home. Hysterical, Fredzess repeatedly phoned Robinson's facility for four hours while staff refused to let him talk to the doctor. When Robinson finally took Fredzess's call, he said that the bleeding was nromal. Jennifer bled through several towels, a blanket, and her sweat pants that afternoon. Fredzess summoned paramedics, but they pronounced Jennifer dead when they arrived. Robinson was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Jennifer's death, and his attorneys tried to blame the death on Fredzess. When a police woman reported that Fredzess was sobbing and hysterical when she interviewed him after Jennifer's death, Robinson's attorney claimed that Fredzess was just afraid he'd be charged with murder for watching Jennifer bleed to death. Although Robinson was aquitted, Jennifer's death was counted by California Vital Records as due to an illegal abortion. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 82-8251 and Long Beach Press-Telegram 6-28-83, and Jennifer's death certificate)

Moris Helen Herron, age 26, mother of two, underwent an abortion at the hands of William D. Stanley October 26, 1983. Helen sought care from Stanley after her abortion, reporting abdominal pain and fever and lack of bowel movements. Stanley prescribed a laxative and sent Helen home. Finally Helen was admitted to the hospital, suffering from massive infection. Helen died November 3. Stanley had perforated Helen's uterus and intestines, causing her feces to leak into her abdominal cavity. NOTE: When Helen's mother, Inez Herron, filed suit against Stanley, some researchers became confused and identified the dead woman as Inez.(Sources: Kern County Superior Court Case No. 185936, National Right-to-Life News 10-23-86)

Twenty-three-year-old Cora Mae Lewis underwent an abortion at Inglewood Women's Hospital in Los Angeles County, California, on November 4, 1983. After being discharged, Cora suffered fever, chills, and chest pains, and sought care at a hospital on November 11. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and underwent lung surgery early on December 3. She was pronounced dead at 6:25 PM. The autopsy found that cora, who had gonorrhea at the time of the abortion, had an inflamed cervic and uterine lining. Cora's family filed suit, claiming that during the abortion, staffers negligently administered general anesthesia, causing Cora to inhale her own vomit and therefore develop the pneumonia. The family's attorney testified that Yvonne Sias, who adminstered Cora's anesthesia, did not become a certified nurse anesthetist until nine months after Cora's abortion. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 83-15079 and LA County Superior Court Case No. SWC73020)

Patricia Chacon, age 16, submitted to an abortion at the hands of either Edward Campbell Allred or Leslie Orleans at Avalon Hospital, an Allred-owned abortion hospital in Los Angeles, California, on March 3, 1984. The abortion was incomplete, so Allred and Orleans performed a second D&E at about 1:30, removing a crushed skull, torso, and limbs of the 23-25-week fetus. Allred and Orleans noticed that Patricia’s cervix had sustained a 2-inch laceration, which they sutured. According to records, the whole procedure took 15 minutes. At 4:30, Patricia was pronounced dead, and Allred blamed embolism or heart failure. The autopsy noted scrapes and lacerations of Patricia’s cervix and vagina, and attributed the death to disseminated intravascular coagulopathy due to amniotic fluid embolism. When the forensic medicine chief reviewed the autopsy he revised the report, noting that although the cervical laceration was sutured on the vaginal side, Allred and Orleans failed to suture the other side of the cervix, allowing Patricia to hemorrhage into her peritoneal cavity. (Sources: LA County Superior Court Case No. C536747 and Los Angeles Herald Examiner 3/3/85)

Mother of five, 43-year-old Mary Pena underwent an abortion at San Vicente hospital in Los Angeles, California on December 15, 1984. The abortion was performed by Edward Allred or Ruben Marmet. Afterward, Mary bled heavily, so San Vicente doctors performed a hysterectomy. Mary continued to hemorrhage and went into shock. Mary was pronounced dead by Marmet at 1:50 AM on December 16, 1984, due to hemorrhagic shock. Allred, who was operating San Vicente during negotiations to purchase the abortion facility, was able to clear Mary’s case with the coroner without an autopsy, and Mary’s body was sent to the funeral home in Bakersfield and memorial services were held. But the Kern County officials questioned the findings on the death certificate, which said that Mary had died of natural causes. They ordered an autopsy, which found that Mary had bled to death from an extensive cervical laceration sustained during the abortion. (Sources: LA County Coroner Case No. 84-16016, LA County Superior Court Case No. C575154, and Mary’s death certificate)

Seventeen-year-old Laniece Dorsey underwent an abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group facility in Orange County, California, on February 6, 1986. Laniece lapsed into a coma, was transferred to a nearby hospital, and died later that day. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department medical examiner blamed the death on cardiorespiratory arrest due to the anesthesia, although he also found a “thick adherent layer of fibrinous material containing moderate numbers of inflammatory infiltrates” in Lanice’s uterus. (Sources: Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Case No. 86-0682-AK and Orange County Superior Court Case No. 51-04-15)

On January 24, 1987, 37-year-old Belinda Bird had an abortion performed by Stephen Pine at Inglewood Women’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Belinda was left unattended for three hours after the abortion, and was found unresponsive. Staff at Inglewood delayed an additional two hours before transferring her to a hospital with appropriate emergency services. Belinda was one of 74 women who ad abortions in Inglewood’s single operating room that day, and one of 24 whose abortions were performed in the final two hours of the day. Belinda remained comatose until her death on January 27. Her mother wrote to a Los Angeles district attorney: “I am the mother of Belinda Byrd, victim of abortionists at [Inglewood]. I am also the grandmother of her three young children who are left behind and motherless. I cry every day when I think how horrible her death was. She was slashed by them and then she bled to death ... and nobody cares. I know that other young black women are now dead after abortion at that address. Where is [the abortionist] now? Has he been stopped? Has anything happened to him because of what he did to my Belinda? Has he served jail time for any of these cruel deaths? People tell me nothing has happened, that nothing ever happens to white abortionists who leave young black women dead. I’m hurting real bad and want some justice for Belinda and all other women who go like sheep to slaughter.” (Sources: LA County Superior Court Case No. SWC90298, California Department of Health Services Case No. 8-0001 “Accusation,” Los Angeles Times 12/3/87 and 8/12/89, Associated Press 7/15/89, and letter from Mattie Byrd included in Amici Brief by Christine Smith Torre filed in support of Appellants in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services No. 88-605)

Donna Heim, age 20, went to Her Medical Clinic on August 12, 1986, accompanied by her sister. Donna told staff that she had asthma, and she noted this on her forms when she filled them out. Despite this pre-existing condition, a nurse anesthetist administered general anesthesia for the abortion. Donna started to have difficulty breathing, but Mahlon Cannon continued with the procedure for five more minutes before helping the nurse anesthetist to try to restore Donna’s breathing. Donna’s sister, who was in the waiting room, became alarmed at the intense staff activity she noticed, and questioned a staffer about her sister. She was reassured that Donna was fine. The sister saw an ambulance pull up to the building and stepped outside, where she observed her sister being transferred into the emergency vehicle. Donna’s sister followed the ambulance to a nearby hospital, which summoned the comatose young woman’s parents. Donna died the next day without regaining consciousness. An investigation was sparked, and an administrative law judge ruled that Cannon was negligent in continuing with the abortion despite the patient’s respiratory distress. The judge also found that Cannon often failed to do medical exams, take medical histories, or administer standard tests prior to abortions. (Sources: Los Angeles Times 6*17/91, Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2/22/88, and The Wanderer, July 1991)

Liliana Cortez, age 22, went into cardiac arrest during her abortion at Her Medical Clinic on September 20, 1986. Liliana, who suffered from asthma, was transferred to a nearby hospital after a 40-minute delay. She died five days later. The Los Angeles County medical examiner blamed Liliana’s death on Her Medical Clinic staff. (Source: Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2/22/88)

Eighteen-year-old Michelle Thames suffered a seizure during her abortion at Her Medical Clinic on September 19, 1987. She died later that day. Her family filed suit, claiming that Her Medical Clinic staff had made inadequate attempts to resuscitate Michelle. (Source: Los Angeles Herald Examiner 2/22/88)

Tami Suematsu, age 19, underwent an abortion on August 19, 1988, at Riverside Family Planning Center. Tami went into cardiac arrest shortly after her abortion, was transferred to a nearby hospital, and died shortly after her arrival. The medical examiner determined that Tami suffered an asthma attack during the abortion. (Sources: Tami’s death certificate and Riverside County Coroner Case No. RC-88-1100)

The family of 34-year-old Colleen Chambers became concerned about her, and asked an employee of her apartment building to check on her. The employee found her sitting dead in her bathroom, just before noon on May 12, 1991. The autopsy found numerous pulmonary embolisms, along with unexplained bruises on her arms and legs. Death was attributed to “thromboemboli to the lungs due to deep vein thrombophlebitis right and left legs following therapeutic abortion.” (Source: Alameda County Coroner’s Department Case No. 91-0721)

Susan Levy, age 30, homeless after her release from a Virginia mental hospital, was found dead in the car of a friend in the San Fernando Valley in California the morning of May 19, 1992. The medical examiner determined that she had undergone an abortion, evidently at Edward Allred’s Family Planning Associates Medical Group, in April, and that sue to retained placenta rotting in her uterus she had developed the sepsis that killed her. (Source: LA County Coroner Case No. 92-4539)

On January 19, 1993, Angela Neito Sanchez, age 27, went to Clinica Feminina de la Comunidad with two of her four children: 12-year-old Maria, and 2-year-old Victor. Angela’s family is adamant that Angela wasn’t seeking an abortion. They said that she was excited about the pregnancy and was hoping it would be a girl so Maria would have a sister. Angela’s sister Celia said that someone from the facility had called Angela, telling her to come in for a consultation about the pregnancy. Maria and Victor waited for their mother in the lobby. A clinic staffer approached Maria and suggested that she take the car and drive Victor home. Maria protested that she was too young to drive. The children continued to wait for their mother. At around noon, a staffer took the children to lunch. When they returned to the clinic, Angela’s car was gone, and Maria was told that her mother had gone to another clinic. The children continued to wait, but when their mother failed to appear Maria finally called her uncle, Hemiberto Sanchez, who took them home with him. By 10:00, Angela’s family was frantic, and Celia took Maria to the clinic to look for Angela. When they arrived, they saw Angela’s car and Maria jumped out of her aunt’s pickup truck and ran to the car. There she saw her mother lying on the ground. Maria asked two women from the clinic, who were standing nearby, what had happened to her mother, and they told her, “She’s dead.” Sobbing, Maria clung to and kissed her mother while the two women from the clinic told Celia that a man had shoved Angela from a car and they were picking her up. One of the women, Alicia Ruiz Hanna, who operated the facility, told Maria that her mother had just come knocking on the door, then collapsed. Celia put her sister’s body in the back of her truck and flagged down a policeman, who led her and Maria to a hospital. There, Celia was told that her sister had been dead for several hours. After a prolonged investigation, and Hanna’s jailhouse conversion to Christianity, the full story finally emerged. Hanna, who had been passing herself off as a doctor and performing abortions at the facility, had given Angela an injection to induce abortion. Angela stopped breathing, and staffers attempted to revive her but did not summon paramedics because Hanna feared that she would go to jail and lose her children if it was discovered that she was running the clinic illegally. In December 1994, Hanna was convicted of second-degree murder for Angela’s death. She was sentenced to 16 years to life. (Sources: Orange County Register 12/13/94 and 1/28/95)

Magdalena Ortega Rodriguez, age 23, underwent an abortion at El Norte Clinica Medica in San Ysidro, California. on December 8, 1994. The doctor, Suresh Gandotra, had been convicted in Orange County Superior Court of 17 felonies in 1990, including grand theft, Medi-Cal fraud, and aiding the unlicensed practice of medicine. This was unknown to Magdalena. Gandotra began the abortion, although Magdalena was at least 30 weeks pregnant. When he pulled out a portion of her bowel, he said, “I knew I screwed up.” He called a local hospital and asked for directions to send his patient there by car. The hospital insisted that a patient in such a grave condition should be sent by ambulance, and they assembled a team of specialists to be ready for her arrival. Magdalena never arrived. Instead, after spending half an hour performing abortions on other patients, Gandotra called an ambulance and sent Magdalena to another hospital which was totally unaware of the extent of injuries to expect in the patient. Paramedics had found Magdalena lying on the floor in a pool of blood, with no pulse. She was unresponsive, with no vital signs and fixed, dilated pupils upon arrival at the hospital. When surgeons made the incision to open Magdalena’s abdomen for exploratory surgery, so much blood had accumulated that it splattered the operating room. The fetus was mangled: “Both arms had been cut off; the heart, lungs, liver, and other organs had been cut out, the front of the chest and abdomen were missing, the right femur was fractured, the head was intact except for an area on the scalp which had been taken off from the back of the head.” The fetus was protruding through a laceration into Magdalena’s abdominal cavity. There were also lacerations of the lower uterus, vagina, bladder, and colon. One surgeon commented that Magdalena’s organs were so badly lacerated that it was difficult to identify them. Magdelena died during surgery, leaving a ten-month-old daughter motherless. (Sources: Orange County Register 12/15/94, San Diego Union-Tribune 12/13/94, San Diego News Notes January 1995, South Bay Judicial District California Superior Court Case No. S6003494, San Diego County Superior Court Case No. 661720, San Diego County Court Case No. 643695, and LA County Superior Court Case No. SEC76210)

Twenty-six-year-old Betty Jane Zellers Damato went to Denver, Colorado abortionist James Franklin for an abortion on February 23, 1980. Franklin packed Betty’s vagina with gauze, gave her medications, and sent her home with a black trash bag and instructions to place any fetal remains she passed into the bag and bring them to him later. Betty developed a massive infection and died on February 25. When a grand jury investigated the case, Franklin insisted that he had never performed an abortion on Betty, that she had come to him with a dead fetus inside her and he’d instructed her to go to a hospital. Franklin was nevertheless convicted of manslaughter and sent

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