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Their Last Choice


These links are provided because the sites contain information about maternal mortality from abortion. I have no control over the editorial content of the sites; however, to the best of my knowledge all information provided is accurate.

For the latest and best abortion mortality links, visit RealChoice: Abortion Mortality at Collateral Damage.

Two Women File Suit Against Abortion Clinic (Angelia Long)

"Safe and Legal" Abortion Stories (Urice Agbaaga, Gloria Small, Angelica Duarte - Thompson's patient, Angela Sanchez, Guadalupe Negron)

Provider Investigated After Patient's Death (Magdalena Rodriguez/Suresh Gandotra)

Victims of Choice

Murder Trial of Abortion Doctor Begins (Guadalupe Negron/David Benjamin)

Marla's Yearbook PhotoMarla Anne Cardamone, dead at 18.

Carolina GutierrezVictims of Choice Maureen Tyke

Abortion Related Deaths

Deaths Inside Abortion Clinics

The Big Lie

Maternal Deaths from Legal Abortion in the US

Suzanne Logan's StoryN.B. Suzanne Logan died in a nursing home in December of 1993.

Tamika Dowdy and Louann Herron

Sandra Milton

Woman dies following abortion at St. Louis clinic (Robert Crist's third victim)

Abortion Claims Another Mother's Life (Robert Crist's third victim, Guadalupe Negron, Angela Sanchez, Carolina Gutierrez)

Life Without Roe

California Woman's Death

Women Killed By Abortion

Sample Pro-Life Letters to the Editor

Geraldine Santoro Links

Abortion: A Practical Guide for Doctors Can be explored for information about abortion methods and complications.

Some of the women and girls who made the terminal choice
How Many Women Die?
Recommended Reading
From Back-Alley Butcher to Abortion Provider: The Adventures of Jesse Ketchum
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